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Princess No Knots is my first venture into picture book illustration for children. The rhyming picture book is for anyone with – shall we call them hair-brushing challenges in their lives.

The strong-willed princess lives in a castle on a hill with her best friend, Big Ted. With her long golden hair, she very much dislikes having it brushed until dried, OK? The princess screams, shouts and kicks up a stink (I’m sure a few folks can relate).

The story unfolds in a fun, lighthearted and easy-going way. It gently shows kids that to make things better for themselves sometimes means doing stuff they prefer to avoid (like brushing wet hair).

Detailed view of Princess No Knots having a tantrum with frizzy hair and wearing a bath towel from illustrated book Princess No Knots

Deborah Dillon, the author of Princess No Knots, has a passion for storytelling influenced by her grandfather. Listening to the tales he spun at bedtime inspired her to make her own creative journey. Deborah writes stories reflecting the challenges and triumphs her children and their friends face, believing in the magic of reading books together.

Although this is my first project in literature for children, I have made illustrations catering to a younger audience. I previously worked with Stoneydown Park Primary School in London, where I transformed pupil drawings into two large murals. You can find out more about that project here.

If your kids like colouring, I also made a few superhero colouring sheets to keep little ones entertained during those dreaded lockdown days. Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Thor kept me busy during the gaps between client work and was fun to share.

Front cover of illustrated picture book Princess No Knots by Deborah Dillon & Matt Richards
Back cover of illustrated picture book Princess No Knots by Deborah Dillon & Matt Richards

Matt's illustrations visualised my story beyond expectations. He was able to capture the images I had in my head and make them reality which, together with the words, brought the whole story to life - essential for a children's picture book. I'm so happy I collaborated with him on this project.

Deborah DillonAuthor of Princess No Knots

The picture book is a colourful, fun read for a young audience aged between 4 & 10. In addition to the illustration, the project also included typesetting and creating digital layouts for an eBook version.

I usually work with tight deadlines, so having more time on this project was pretty cool. It let me play around with the characters and the world they inhabit much more than I would be typically able to do. This extra time was a refreshing change from the usual rush and let me dive into making each part of the book just right.

Princess No Knots is a smashing stocking filler for little ones who love bathtime dramas. The picture book has received glowing customer reviews so far. Click the link below to buy it from Amazon, and let me know how it goes down with your own Princesses.

Buy Princess No Knots
Detailed view of a rubber duck and bubbles illustrated by Matt Richards for children's picture book Princess No Knots

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