Colouring in Iron Man

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The truth is… I am Iron Man

Sharpen up your red and yellows, it’s time to #stayathomeandcolourin Iron Man!

AKA Tony Stark, billionaire industrialist, brilliant inventor, brash genius, former CEO of Stark Industries and founding member of The Avengers. Carrying on with my series of #StayAtHomeAndColourIn posters, I’ve drawn a complete montage of Tony’s various suit versions, so nobody get all MCU purist on me, yeah? Just click the drawing below for a download to print out and colour in over these Easter hols/WFH/homeschool lockdown.

Don’t forget to show me what you’ve been up to – tag me @mattillustrates on twitter or instagram and use the hashtag #StayAtHomeAndColourIn. And check the other posters up there for you too: Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Thor.

PS. When I was a lad in the ‘80s, the only Marvel action figure I had was a Mattel Secret Wars IRON MAN and his secret shield, and I loved that tiny superhero in all his primary-coloured plastic glory.

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