Colouring-in Posters while you #StayatHome

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Get some colouring-in posters

For a lot of illustrators based at home, being on your own is all in a day’s work. But for many (normal) people, social distancing from friends and family might be incredibly hard. Coming up with a million entertainment ideas a day for little’uns might get tricky. So just for fun, I’m making some images of things I’d never normally get to draw in my everyday work. Stuff I love that I think your kids (and quite a lot of adults too) might enjoy colouring-in while being cooped up at home.

Poster One – Captain America

I really love comic book art – it’s a real specialist form of illustration. People working in this area are insanely talented and super quick. It’s also a pretty competitive industry, how many people dream of working for Marvel? Hands up. 

So for poster one, I’m starting at the beginning of the Marvel Timeline. Here’s Captain America, The First Avenger. LOOK AT HIM!

Grab the picture below, or click on the picture to be taken to a large A3 download.

Get busy with those colouring crayons and felt tips and let me see the results. tag me @mattillustrates on twitter or instagram and use the hashtag #StayAtHomeAndColourIn

Next up will be the utterly awesome Captain Marvel. Watch this space. 

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