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Packaging illustrations for Nyetimber

By 25th April 2022January 6th, 2024No Comments
A photo of Nyetimber's sparkling wine packaging featuring illustrations by Matt Richards

Open this beautiful box and you’ll find delicious wine and two packaging illustrations for Nyetimber, by little old me.

I’ve enjoyed a 3-year partnership with the sparkling wine brand, working across the board on illustrations for their website and social media, including multiple images for several animations, so I’m now thrilled to see my work used on packaging illustrations for Nyetimber in this stylish update.

The world-renowned English sparkling winemaker, Nyetimber is found on an enchanting 1000-year-old estate in rural Sussex. I captured its gardens and lovingly restored medieval barn in one of the two illustrations found on the interior gatefold of the wine box. A second illustration depicts the South Downs with its chalky soils and fine climate (similar to the Champagne region in France). This unique location is one of the ingredients that has lead to the success of the grapes grown on the Nyetimber Estate.

Packaging illustrations for Nyetimber - Black & White illustration of the Nyetimber Vineyard Gardens by illustrator Matt Richards

Both images were drawn digitally on the iPad using Adobe’s Fresco. I used Photoshop and a massive Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet to complete the finer details and finishing touches.

Packaging illustrations for Nyetimber - Black and white illustrations of the South Downs by illustrator Matt Richards

Now I may be biased, but these guys really do know how to make a hell of bottle of wine. If you TreatYoSelf, or are lucky enough to be gifted one, make sure you remember me when you open that box. And if Nyetimber people are reading this, pretty sure you’re supposed to have sent me a sample…!

The new gift boxes can be personalised with an engraved metal plaque, and you can find one at the Nyetimber store.

If you think my expressive pen & ink illustrations suit your brand, get in touch to discuss your ideas. You can see more examples of my work by clicking here.

Photo credits: Nyetimber & Elena Sandor

A photo of Nyetimber's packaging featuring illustrations by Matt Richards
Nyetimber packaging with who glasses of sparkling wine
A woman holding open Nyetimber gift box with packaging illustrations for nyetimber by Matt Richards

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