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Cycling in London Competition

By 17th May 2010May 3rd, 2017No Comments

Illustration Competition Entry

The Association of Illustrators recently joined forces with London Transport Museum to run a competition about cycling as an emerging form of transport in London.

“Whoever you are and wherever you look a revolution is taking place. Cycling is quickly becoming a part of the fabric of everyday life in London. During Summer 2010, Transport for London will will join the revolution with the launch of its Cycle Superhighways and Cycle Hire Schemes as well as a host of other initiatives to improve cycle safety and security. In conjunction with these programmes, London Transport Museum and the Association of Illustrators are delighted to announce a call for illustrations featuring cycling as an emerging mode of transport in London.

Students and professionals are invited to submit entries that demonstrate the environmental, health and/or recreational benefits of cycling. It is the task of entrants to create an illustration that shows cycling as a fun and efficient way to get around the city.”


I looked at a few solutions in regards to the brief but kept returning to the word revolution. The connotation of circular movement is linked with so many elements on a bicycle. I also imagined the idea of cyclists reclaiming the streets from a sort of tyranny imposed by motorised transport .

The Cycle Superhighways will create their own map of destinations across the city, and I though it was interesting how the cycle sign sat well as an interchange on our existing underground map.

Results are announced 31 May so fingers crossed!

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