What type of concept visualiser do you need?

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black & white visualisation for Prada

Clients looking for a concept visualiser to explain their ideas are not always looking for a high-end glossy finish.

There are many concept artists or concept visualisers out there producing incredibly realistic and detailed illustrations. Additionally, some pretty amazing software (Cinema 4D3DS MaxAutoCADMaya or even SketchUp) are currently available to do this with. Skilled operators create near-to-life visuals that leave even the most unimaginative person with a clear idea of what a concept should look like.

But that’s the catch…

Whilst this approach answers many questions, its hyper-realism leaves the presenter with very little wiggle room when moving a project from concept to execution. Often, as far as they are concerned, the client has already seen the end result and will expect that in all its glory in the final product. Naturally, concepts evolve due to budget, material or practical restraints. Better ideas occasionally present themselves, all before a project arrives at its final solution. If only that initial visual was a little less detailed, more suggestive.

And this is what I am hearing more frequently from my clients. It is probably why they are briefing looser or more stylised illustrations. In an age of 3D renders, texture-mapping and surface modelling, sometimes a more traditional approach is the way to go.

More fluid visuals can also be produced much quicker. Time always tends to be a leading factor with many of the visualisation projects that I work on. If you need a concept visualiser, make sure you select the right one at the right stage of your project.

My visualisation work covers various industries and specialisms; from experiential design, retail, branding to PR concepts.

I’ve worked on projects for Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic, Red Bull, Bodyshop, Triumph, J&B, Tescos, and with of some of the largest creative agencies.

Please do get in touch if you want to discuss your visualisation needs, get a quote, or find out more.

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