Fashion sketchbook illustrations

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Fashion Sketchbook - Fashion girls

A sneaky peak at some of my fashion sketchbook illustrations.

A s an illustrator I don’t tend to stick to one partficular format of working. Sure I have my tried and tested methods, but I like to mesh it all together and where possible, let the subject dictate.

My fashion illustration is a prime example of this. The bold, punchy asthetic of my digital vector work isn’t always suitable and that’s when I turn to my sketchbooks.

Along the way I have merged applications somewhat. Emulating the loose, free lines of pen and ink into digital format using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos tablet.

More than often I’m too impatient to wait for inks to dry while I’m working, and there is nothing more frustrating than an accident three quarters through a piece. Sure, I always welcome happy accidents, but having digital as a crossover makes a great insurance policy.

A client may find limitations on the changes that can be made to pen and ink (maybe that’s a good thing!) so incorporating digital into your analogue workflow in anticipation of these changes gives my client more flexibilty, and saves my own sanity.

Most of these sketches are just pen and ink, wonder who can spot the digital sketches?

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Pen & Ink fashion Illustration from Illustrator Matt Richards's fashion sketchbook
Fashion Sketchbook - Bretton Girl
fashion sketchbook - side on and
Pen, Pencil & Ink fashion Illustration from Illustrator Matt Richards's fashion sketchbook

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