iPad Fashion Illustrations

By 13th December 2013 May 3rd, 2017 No Comments

I’m so excited about experimenting with a new bit of kit.

And yes I know loads of people out there have had them for ages, but the studio finally got an iPad to help out when we do web development (yes I’m one of those geeky types). But another reason for the investment is the recent release of Wacom’s pencil for the iPad – the Intuos Creative Stylus.

Adobe Ideas is a stripped-down version of the industry standard Adobe Illustrator and as I use it practically every day, it was a logical choice of software to use.

I’ve hardly had a moment to try the thing out as I’ve been flat-out busy on some really exciting projects (all in good time, no doubt they will be revealed). If you are not on Adobe’s Creative Cloud as yet, your vector-based artwork is only exportable in jpeg form, so sadly it will be a little while until I will be using it on professional briefs. Nonetheless, my initial impression is that it feels far more natural in comparison to the conventional tablet to monitor way of digital art working.

Full review to follow.

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