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Musical Views: And so connections are made.

By 12th September 2012 May 3rd, 2017 No Comments

Musical Views collaborators Chris & Manuel, take the project further by playing together during Chris own E17 Art Trail performance.

A  commonality that prevailed throughout the Musical Views interviews was sadly that Walthamstow, so short on public cultural venues, makes it hard for muscians to meet. With this in mind, it was so warming to find two of the contributors performing together during the Art Trail.

I have spent the past 3 months meeting, interviewing, recording and illustrating some of the musical talents that can be found in Walthamstow. It is a sad fact that too many municipal venues in the borough have either been sold off or closed down.

But there is a fight back. The Art Trail itself is run entirely by the community & the tireless devotion of the organisers Artillery. The Mill is a self-funded community centre – a phoenix that rose from the ashes of a library ┬áthe council no longer fund. Locals are also actively campaigning (and winning) to bring its Grade II listed cinema (vacant and left to disrepair) back to its former glory and accessible for all.

Perhaps with the renewed optimism of reclaiming Walthamstow’s iconic cinema (who boasted performances from the likes of Jonny Cash, the Beatles & the Stones), a cultural hub can again be reborn and truly find a place for such wonderful (but homeless)┬átalent.

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