Illustrations for Mary Portas Scarves

By 29th October 2011 May 3rd, 2017 2 Comments

After launching her shop earlier this year, I can finally reveal the artwork I completed for some Mary Portas scarves.

Well they are finally here!

In a post back in August, I mentioned a collaboration with none other than the Queen of Shops herself, Mary Portas. Work actually began back in May when I visited House of Fraser HQ to meet Mary’s team who included partner, and editor at large of Grazia, Melanie Rickey and Nadia Jones, creative director at Oasis.

As usual in the fashion industry, deadlines were tight and I actually had to finish the project squirrelling away on a flight to the US (and the first day of my holiday).

Channel 4 recently aired a 3 part documentary on Mary’s trials and tribulations throughout the project. If you are dab hand with a pause button (and have an eagle eye), you might be able to spot my designs… somewhere.

Watch Mary Portas Queen of Frocks
Buy one of the scarves 

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