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Musical Views: Meet Andy

By 30th August 2012 No Comments

With beer barrels emptied and instruments being packed away, the Stowneydown Park Folk festival was all but over. All bar a solo violinist sitting on the grass, entertaining the stragglers. I had to get Andy involved in Musical Views.

Playing since a youngster (with a break or two due to fatherhood), Andy now plays regularly at Camden’s World’s End & also at the Golden Lion as part of a folk outfit. He is also involved performing a variety of events in Walthamstow.

Musical influence was not hard to find in his family. Son of a jazz fan who did weekly run to music school, and an uncle who played with some quite big names in the 60s on Boogie-woogie scene & his older brother taking him to Uni gigs.

And folk is not the only genre that Andy looks upon when producing tracks at home. Reggae, Soul, (he used to be a raver) “I take all those influences. I’d love to make dance music, I’ve got smatterings of stuff on the hard drive alternative stuff, film sound tracks, that kind of thing.”

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