Ghosts of Gone Birds

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Ghosts of Gone Birds is an exhibition with 200 pieces of multimedia and conventional art from over 100 Artists in an attempt to breath live back into extinct birds long gone.

Ralph Steadman filled a room within Rochelle School in East London with countless species climbing the walls well into the rafters. Fortunately binoculars were provided to furnish the viewer with a closer look and to add to the ornithological theme of the occasion.

Emily Forgot, Kai & Sunny, Russell Maurice, Rob Ryan, Sir Peter Blake, Anita Bruce to name but a few contributed to this fabulous and poignant display of art.

After feasting on the visual side of the show, we trekked round the corner to Richmix for an evening poetry and music including Heavenly Record’s folk couple Trevor Moss & Hannah Lou, and Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year nominee Jackie Oates.

Quadrophenia star Phil Daniel’s added his cockney wit in prose and song.

Jimi Goodwin and The Bird Effect Ensemble, a 15-piece orchestra, premiered Jimi’s piece Ghosts of Gone Birds. The live performance from the Doves frontman provided a soundtrack to organiser & documentary maker Ceri Levy’s film The Bird Effect, and was a perfect finale to a beautiful evening.

The show raised money and awareness for BirdLife International’s Preventing Extinctions programme.

Images courtesy of Ghosts of Gone Birds.

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